You are a Candidate

You are a Company

Our Methodology

As a company, you are looking to hire the best candidate who fits with your company values

1 Debrief


A clear summary debrief of your requirements with the HR responsible within your company

2 Search


A search in our database or network with a first selection of potential profiles

3 Selection


The presentation of 2 to 3 candidates we recommend you to see, assorted of a professional report based on interviews by HR professionals and the results of a psychological test

4 Business case assesment

Business case assesment

The development of a specific business case together with you to enable you to select the best candidate & make your decision

5 Ad-hoc Follow-up

Ad-hoc Follow-up

We offer you a coaching follow-up of the recruited candidate to ensure a rapid and long-term integration within your company according to your specific needs.

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