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As a company, you want to hire and develop your people. You also want to work with people who fits your company values.

Arsanne Consulting makes sure your needs are met in :

01 Permanent selection & recruitment

As a company, you are looking to hire the best candidate who fits with your company values.

Arsanne Consulting owns 3 things which are crucial to achieve this "perfect match":

The knowledge of your customers

Most of us within Arsanne Consulting having worked in the pharmaceutical,biotech or medical device industry, we are able to understand better the profiles you are looking for, because we still are in close contact with you customers, be it physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, purchasers…

The knowledge of your company

Having met and worked cross-functionally with the most important positions within different companies, we know the competencies you are looking for.

We will do our best to understand your requirements regarding the position to be filled in.

We will only present candidates who perfectly fit with the vision of your company, its values, and make sure we understand your teams, as well as your processes.

 The process and the way we work

You may want to find our process in the section “our methodology”, but in a nutshell we guarantee transparency, quick response, professionalism and teamwork in 5 steps:

  1. A clear debrief of your request, translated in the a structured Job Description.
  2. A search in our database, network and publications on Recruitment websites.
  3. A feed-back report with an accurate selection of a shortlist of candidates (Interviews & psychometric tests).
  4. A real-life Business case linked to the position worked out together with you for selected candidates, assessing their competencies in a real-life situation to help you to make the best decision.
  5. An ad-hoc and adapted coaching follow-up to ensure a rapid and long-term integration within your company.

02 Interim management

Interim Management is an interesting option when you are facing the sudden absence of a key member of your staff, an intense working period with not enough internal resources, or if you need a specific support for an urgent and important project

We can provide you with an experienced Interim Manager for whom you do not have the liabilities associated with a permanent employee.

We have expertise in :

  • Market Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Brand strategy
  • Detailed Brand Action Plan
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Cross-Functional working
  • Sales coaching (ride along with Reps with assesment reports)
  • Key Account Management
  • Marketing Training

Contact us for more information on our Interim Management services in Sales & Marketing.
We determine together the terms of collaboration according to your needs.

03 Coaching - Mentoring

You want to give your career a new start, but you do not know how to approach this new challenge ?

You have a new project and you would like to fully optimize your personal resources ?

One of your employee needs to re-think his/her career and develop his/her skills...

Arsanne Consulting helps you with an external insight and supports you in solving sensitive professional situations.

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